ORSIS technologies

ORSIS serial firearms production is based on the research and industrial facility of the Moscow “Promtehnologia"LLC arms factory. Its foundation was supported by the leading Russian and foreign firearms manufacturing experts as well as the National Federation of Sharp-Shooting experts.

Full production cycle

Full firearms equipped with the rifled barrels production cycle is implemented in the “Promtechnologia" LLC factory. Its industrial facilities include: Barrel Workshop, Action and Trigger Assemblies Workshop, Stock Patterns Workshop, Thermal Processing Workshop, Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) Site, Grinding Site.

Quality Control of Materials

Contemporary high-accuracy weapons systems can be produced only of prime materials. Production and testing laboratory experts in the factory monitor and test every batch of commodities supplied for production.

Modern Equipment

The factory machine park is completed with the most modern equipment: the newest CNC hubs for turning, milling, laser and EDM processing, digital furnaces and cryogenic chamber.

Unique Technologies

Special tools are cooked by the unique high-precision tool-grinding lathe with video measurement system. Each technological operation is concluded by the instrument control of the produced parts in the workshops and in the production and test laboratory by the digital and optical measurement devices. The laboratory is equipped with the micro-climate control system in order to ensure stable temperature and humidity level parameters while all measuring procedures.