High-precision metal processing

Industrial manufacturing of high-accuracy rifled arms sets exceptional requirements to the industrial base of an enterprise. “Promtechnologya" factory is supplied with the most modern equipment which may be utilized for high-precision metal works to implement the most complicated missions. Machinery equipment of the factory includes CNC turning and milling lathes, grinding attachments, cryogenic and thermal metal processing arrangements.

There is nothing in Russia to compare with quite a number of technologies employed in the factory which ensure the manufacturing of details and systems with multiple properties whose quality is out of reach for many well renowned manufacturers in the market.

The “Promtechnologya" company specialists are able to implement the full-scale industrial cycle from technical documentation hammering out to industrial production samples release. The CNC processing hubs enable the factory not only to produce a wide range of metal items but to retune equipment swiftly from one product to another one manufacturing items by single pieces, small-scale and short-run batches in accordance with a customer request.

The house-in production base availability, unique technologies and equipment, regular quality control secure the company maintaining reputation of a reliable partner.

The “Promtechnologya" company is in position to produce articles on the base of the client's technical documentation and in case of necessity – to hammer the documentation required by the project out on the base of a task forwarded. There is a design bureau in the factory and it is staffed with designers of utmost qualification.

The factory is supplemented with a modern production and testing laboratory equipped with a micro-climate control system in order to ensure stable temperature and humidity level parameters while all measuring procedures. The company holds all necessary permits and is certified by ISO 9001 international quality standards.

For technical matters consultancy and high-precision metal works order registration queries, please, call phone: +7 495 647-88-66 or e-mail:service@orsis.com.

Deep Drilling

The company offers high-precision deep drilling services in blanks submitted by a customer making holes up to 1050 mm by depth and to 25 mm by diameter. The operation is executed by the special German-made lathes.

The deep drilling is used in weapons manufacturing, medicine, aviation, oil and gas industries and other ones.