Bolt and trigger assemblies

ORSIS rifles are supplied with a sliding and revolving breech bolt. Such a design of an action is called “bolt action" and is supposed to be the most suitable for high-accuracy rifles. Two-lugged action assemblies are mounted on the ORSIS rifles produced with the barrels rifled by the hook cutting head technology.

Special heavy-duty alloyed stainless steel and high-quality springs are employed to manufacture the action assemblies. Action assemblies' blanks are manufactured by the vertical four-axes processing CNC hubs, universal CNC lathes and EDM machines. Special devices and high-end cutting tools of Russian and foreign (Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Israel) make are introduced for this process.

Finishing operations are conducted as steel is hardened already. Each finishing operation is supplemented with the full-scale metrological control to check aberrations and only after that the next processing stage is launched. Durability, resistance to shock loads, details precise processing are the inherent properties of the action assemblies installed on all ORSIS rifled arms models.

Production of Trigger Assemblies

Trigger assembly represents a certain lock and the key for it is the trigger. Despite of the seemingly uncomplicated design there are quite a number of requirements imposed on the quality of trigger assemblies.

On the one hand, it is necessary to ensure the lightweight design, on the other hand – assembly's reliability which is consisted of a number of small details that bear significant loads and firing spring pressure. Besides, the design should effect dust and dirt protection and, moreover, ensure access for cleaning and maintenance.

ORSIS rifles are fitted with the high-quality kinetic-type trigger assemblies with the rigid housing and internal details made of “scalpel" steel which was especially heat and chemicaly treated. They meet all requirements imposed on this device by reliability, precision, durability and convenience in handling.