How to acquire a rifle

Legal procedure

In order to acquire rifled or combo firearms piece (including this with replaceable barrels) it is required to have experience in possession of the smooth-bore long-barreled guns for 5 years at least. The rules to obtain a license may vary for certain categories of legal entities and citizens including sporting shooters.

As a rule, this procedure consists of the following main steps:

  • Collection of necessary documents including the medical certificate (form # 046);
  • Registration of the license to acquire a firearms;
  • Purchase of the weapon in the shop;
  • Registration of a permit to keep and bear firearms (weapons registration).

The procedure may be clarified in the licenses and permits office of your place of registration police precinct. Matter of fact, the procedure of licenses and permits registration takes around one month.

According to the current version of “On Weapons" Law, a citizen of the Russian Federation has a right to possess not more than 5 rifles and 5 shotguns. Nevertheless, it is quite common when some high-quality firearms fans are registering license for their collecting.

Legal Issues