Weapons Facts


In USA approximately 90% of high-accuracy barrels market is occupied by the products manufactured out of stainless steel. The highest quality barrels are produced of steel grade 416R and this is exactly the one used to manufacture ORSIS barrels.


All world records in sport sharp-shooting were established with the cartridges loaded manually. So called “reloading" assists shooters in tuning the round specifications according to the rifle and firing conditions.


While the accuracy of rifle shooting depends primarily on the quality of the barrel then the cartridge specifications are defined mainly by the bullet jacket. It is considered that the best bullets for the sharpshooting are made by US companies namely Berger, Sierra, Hornady, Nosler and Finnish Lapua.


Who exactly invented the rifled weapons is not known but even in the Middle Ages the bow shooters used arrows revolving axially in flight due to their unusual design. This feature provided in-flight stabilization and shooting accuracy increase.


The sharpshooting type named “benchrest" is estimated like “Formula-1" event in sporting. Official goal of this shooting type is “development and achievement of exceptional accuracy level for rifles, cartridges and shooting techniques".


The majority of the first benchresters were not professional sportsmen but rather masters-gunsmiths. By involvement in this type of shooting they were seeking ways to increase accuracy of their rifles.


Hook cut-rifling is the oldest and most precise method to rifle a barrel. The first common manual machines with this technology were constructed by Pratt & Whitney firm. Today this company is known as a manufacturer of aircraft engines primarily but its founders Francis Pratt and Amos Whitney had acquainted when they were working at the handguns factory of famous Samuel Colt.