Barrels replacement

“Promtechnologia" LLC is pleased to offer a unique service in Russia to sell and mount rifled barrels for firearms produced by ORSIS and other manufacturers.

The company manufactures two types of high-accuracy barrels which differ primarily by profiling technology:

  • ORSIS barrels are made of high-quality stainless (416R-grade) and chrome-molybdenum (4140-grade) steel by the single-pass cut-rifling technology (in calibers from 5.6 to 9.3 mm). This method allows producing ideal inner geometry and exceptional accuracy of shooting barrels
  • ORSIS barrels are made of high-quality stainless barrel-grade steel (416R-type) by button-swaging technology (in calibers from .22? to .338?). Such method of manufacturing allows exceptional quality products provision.
  • We apply special electronic devices and certified ring gauges to control precision of barrels manufacturing.

Barrels Main Specifications

  • Barrel patterns offered: Alpine, Hunter, F-class, Benchrest, Tactical or by individual requirements.
  • Twist rate and grooves number – according to the customer's personal preferences.
  • Barrels are finished in matte or polished.
  • Flutes option available.
  • In case of required specifications differ from aforementioned ones, the price of the barrel is calculated on the base of the customer's intentions.

There is an option to apply on the barrels a special super-durable and wear-resistance Cerakote coating – special liquid ceramics sintered under gentle thermal conditions. This coating has unusual black, grey or green texture and is exclusively resistant against corrosion and mechanical damage.

Not only the “Promtechnologia" LLC manufactures the rifled barrels, blanks and ballistic barrels of highest accuracy, but is pleased to offer free consultancy to assist our customers in legal registration of the licenses for the firearms equipped with a new barrel.

To clarify the issue please, contact us by phone: +7 495 647-88-66 or e-mail: