ORSIS sporting rifles are created for those who aspires nothing less than victory. For quite a while ORSIS rifles have been the successful choice for many Russian and foreign shooters which was confirmed by their numerous victories in national and international competitions.

Models of this line which has been developed with expert support of the National Sharp-Shooting Federation are highly competitive in benchresting, sniping, F-class and other types of bullet shooting. Therefore, ORSIS sporting rifles rightfully earned the trust and recognition of sportsmen around the world.

ORSIS-P18 "ShARif"


Карабин спортивный самозарядный ORSIS-P18 "ShARif"

ORSIS SE Varmint


ORSIS Varmint is designed for sport competitions or special types of hunting.

There is an option to manufacture the ORSIS Varmint rifle for the left-handed shooters as well.


ORSIS F-Class rifle is designed for F-class sport competitions (high-accuracy long range shooting). This rifle is not listed as serial production, is graded Custom-level and manufactured by order only.