The ORSIS Special rifles are designed for those who are used to acting rather than to surrendering to a compromise. This line of arms guarantees uncompromising reliability under toughest conditions and extreme situations. ORSIS Special line arsenal is represented by our own designs like high-accuracy rifle T-5000 M as well as internationally acclaimed famous American Armalite models. 
Each ORSIS rifle is manufactured on the base of the most advanced technologies and modern equipment. Therefore, ORSIS Special rifles show exceptional accuracy duly appreciated by the professional shooters and marksmen.

ORSIS 12,7




High-accuracy ORSIS T-5000 rifleis an out standing result of our company designers efforts. This model wascreated in cooperation with professional shooters and has the properties required fora customer in the Russian market. T-5000 modelis a hand-reloaded repeater with sliding breech bolt and two front locking lugs.It is a multi-purposed weapon. Its specifications provide high-accuracy long rangeshots (up to 1500m), high level of shooter's convenience whilepreparatory, firing and recoil phases, swift sighting line recovery, excellentreliability and ergonomics.

ORSIS-F17 Multicalibre rifle


Multicalibre rifle ORSIS - F17 is designed for people who need to solve mutually exclusive tasks. The design of this weapon with a single hex key will give you the ability to quickly replace the used gauge, and in the field. The advantage of the multi-caliber system is the ability of the shooter to use smaller-caliber cartridges for training, and a large caliber, if necessary, to use for long-range shooting and defeating larger targets.



Высокоточная дальнобойная винтовка

Многозарядная высокоточная винтовка, мировой рекордсмен по дальности поражения целей, ORSIS СТ20 оснащена ручным перезаряжанием, продольно-скользящим поворотным затвором и двумя боевыми упорами. Модель предназначена для универсального применения.