Purpose: Hunting

The hunting carbine ORSIS 220 is designed for various types of hunting. A rifle with a manual type of reloading is made on the basis of a multiply charged bolt group with two arms.

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Caliber .30-06 Spr
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ORSIS 220 is a novelty that the company has developed for numerou sapplications of distributors and shooters. First of all, this is a hunting carbine, which inherited all the best from other models of the company's hunting line. The rifle is made on the basis of a multiply-charged group, with a longitudinally sliding rotary bolt with two arms. The shutter has a proprietary three-position fuse, which is equipped with locks on all ORSIS rifles. In the basic configuration, the metal parts of the rifle have a Cerakote coatingof the Black Graphite color.

In the model, a freely placed ORSIS trunk is installed from high-quality weapon steel. The ORSIS 220 differs from the ORSIS 120 and ORSIS 140 rifles with a barrel contour with an outer diameter of 19 mm and a barrel length of 22 inches (558 mm). The carbine ORSIS 220 has a Hunter D1 made of walnut, with a backplate ofwear-resistant rubber and a notch on the handle, which provides a convenientand reliable retention. In the material, the lower slingers for fastening the bipod and belt are installed. The rifle is equipped with an original trigger developed in the company's own design office. The design of the mechanism is isolated from external influences.

The mass of the rifle in the base kit is 4.1 kg (with a Picatinny strap and with anon-loaded magazine). ORSIS 220 is an excellent option for those shooters who purchase their first rifled weapon, which would combine simplicity, quality and reliability.

Most ORSIS rifles produced by PROMTECHNOLOGY have a range of shooting accuracy of nomore than 0.5 MOA.

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Base option:

  • Rifle assembled
  • Passport of the item
  • Warranty certificate
  • Proof firing protocol
  • Titanium-colored Cerakote coating color: Black Graphite
  • Carving with cap
  • Picatinny rail
  • The magazine is detachable for 3 cartridges

Extra Option:

  • MBC 003
  • Titanium-colored Cerakote coating colors: Sniper Grey; Desert Sand; O.D. Green