Бренд Orsis

Back in March 2011 a “PROMTECHNOLOGIA" company launched production of hunting and sporting rifles under a brand name of ORSIS. This logo stands for ORuzheinye SIStemye (Arms' Systems) in Latin syllabic abbreviation.

ORSIS arms factory is situated in Moscow and equipped with modern machinery containing 40 different CNC processing hubs which enable to ensure stable high quality level of our production on each stage of the production cycle and to provide flexibility and productivity level for the factory. This unique equipment both foreign made and the one designed by the company's own design bureau engineers on the base of the most advanced international experience and technologies ensures production of barrels having almost ideal inner geometry parameters. Eventually, this machinery complex to produce such high-end level barrels is the only one available in Europe today.

We have the full rifled firearms manufacturing process established on the base of our factory capacities: barrels forging, action, trigger assemblies and stocks production, assembling and adjustment, testing and hot firing of the finished products. The models' design, technologies and equipment selection has been completed by the factory specialists without foreign experts' involvement. Each model of the ORSIS rifles represents completely our own and original design. Concerning the raw materials to produce rifles, we use only barrel-grade steel and wood laminate (special arms-grade plywood). All other materials and steel grades are of domestic production.

We use special stainless high-strength steel grades of Russian production to manufacture the action and trigger assemblies. The receiver is produced of martensitic stainless steel which has the unique strength properties as we were not able to create in the factory such test conditions as required to demolish this receiver. The stocks are manufactured of different materials: weapons-grade laminate, fine wood and aluminum.

The ORSIS rifles accuracy is considerably better than their most common counterparts'. There is a parameter widely used in ballistics called “minute of angle" (or MOA) which represents math “minute of arc" analogue. It estimates accuracy of shooting in absence of wind influence and is defined, as a rule, by a group of 3-5 shots. A rifle which has MOA ratio equal to 1 shows accuracy not exceeding 2.9 cm at the distance of 100 m. Firearms having MOA ratio less than 1 are called accurate ones or the marksman's lot. The "PROMTECHNOLOGIA" LLC company guarantees that all ORSIS rifles enjoy accuracy not exceeding 0.5 MOA and a number of models show even better performance when MOA ratio of 0.1-0.2 is not a rare exception.

The Moscow factory occupies an area slightly less than 3000 m and the total number of its employees is around 150 persons. The company holds all necessary licenses and permits for the small arms production and is ISO 9001-certified. "PROMTECHNOLOGIA" company's personnel unify skilled designers, engineers and workers. The scientific research activity and experimental construction works dealing with the contemporary high-accuracy weapons systems development and modernization are implemented in the factory. Our company cooperates with the experts of the Russian scientific and research institutes and technical higher education centers specializing in the fields of metalworking, materials, small arms design and construction. The project of the high-tech arms manufacturing facility foundation has been executed with the National Federation of Sharp-Shooting support as its experts are participating in company products designing and testing.

The "PROMTECHNOLOGIA" LLC Company is a rapidly developing innovative enterprise which in no time has obtained quite a business reputation among the Russian and foreign partners. The company signed agreements with Glock (Austria), ArmaLite (USA) and Marocchi (Italy) companies to assemble at the Moscow factory and to produce jointly pistols, semi-auto carbines and shotguns. ORSIS-manufactured stainless steel barrels are used to assembly semi-auto AR-10 and M-15 rifles. Nowadays the "PROMTECHNOLOGIA" company feels quite confident on the Russian and European markets and constantly increases its presence share and enlarges its commodity markets.


The "PROMTECHNOLOGIA" company arms factory is a unique research and production facility and one of the leading enterprises in Europe in terms of its technical outfit. The company has introduced the highest production standards which resulted in creating arms superior in number of performance properties in compare with their foreign analogues. ORSIS brand factory is equipped with modern machinery and manufactures high-tech products competitive in price and quality as well.

In-House Production

Mass arms production of ORSIS rifles systems is established on the scientific and industrial base of the “Promtehnologya" Moscow arms factory.

Its foundations were supported by the leading Russian and foreign firearms production experts as well as the National Federation of Sharp-Shooting experts.

The factory integrates a full firearms production cycle: barrels, action and trigger assemblies, stocks, including assembling, quality control and fire tests of the completed products. The company holds all necessary licenses and permits for the small arms production and is ISO 9001- certified.

High-Tech Equipment

The factory is supplied with modern equipment which ensures consistently high level of products quality at every production stage. Our specialists have over 40 processing СNС hubs for deep drilling, turning, milling, laser and EDM processing, digitally controlled furnace and cryogenic chamber. Russia's only high-precision grinding lathe with video measurement system allows production of tools for special works. The number of technology processes introduced in and engaged for the production of ORSIS rifles represents an outstanding achievement for the global arms industry.

High-Precision Technologies

ORSIS arms factory is one of the leading brands in manufacturing high-accuracy rifled barrels enabling a single-pass cut-rifling CNC technology. Recently single-pass cut-rifling process is one of the most accurate methods of barrels manufacturing: a special cutting head (hook) processes one groove per pass through a bore, removing approximately 1 micron of metal. It requires at least 80 hook passes to finish a bore groove. Single-pass cutting is often called the "technology for champions" as the majority of contemporary world records in shooting sport are set with the rifles equipped with the barrels manufactured by this method exactly.

Prime Materials

Modern high-accuracy arms systems can be produced only from prime materials.

Production and testing laboratory experts at the factory monitor and test every batch of commodities supplied for production,

major share of which is largely purchased from domestic producers. The only exception is wood laminate and high-quality barrel-grade steel used for barrels production: 416R-grade stainless steel and 4140-grade chromium-molybdenum steel. Bolt actions and trigger assemblies are produced of Russian-made special heavy-duty stainless steel. Stocks are made of different materials: wood laminate (special weapons-grade plywood), fine wood and aluminum.

Innovative Development

All innovative technical findings implemented in ORSIS high-accuracy arms manufacturing process are developed in the "PROMTECHNOLOGIA" company's own design bureau. Design works are implemented on the base of current computer software, modeling tools and CNC operating programs compilation. A permanent company's cooperation is implemented with the leading Russian research institutes and higher education facilities experts specializing in metalworking, materials, advanced arms systems design and testing.

Quite a number of technological processes introduced in and engaged for the production of ORSIS rifles represent an outstanding achievement for the international arms industry.

International Cooperation

Excellent quality of arms, innovative attitude and high efficiency of the "PROMTECHNOLOGIA" company team attracted attention of renowned arms brands and resulted in agreements with Glock (Austria), ArmaLite (USA) and Marocchi (Italy). The Moscow factory assembles Glock pistols, Marocchi shotguns and semi-auto hunting carbines AR-10 and M-15 with ORSIS-made barrels.