ORSIS hunting rifles are dedicated to those who want to win the world, to challenge the nature and are not able to imagine their lives without vivid impressions. ORSIS HUNTER rifles line represents the outcome of our in-house unique design, able to meet aspirations of the most demanding hunters. This series have repeatedly proved their exceptional durability and service performance in a variety of demanding situations: under the scorching sun of Africa, extreme Russian frost and humid tropics conditions. Therefore, ORSIS rifles would suite best for both experienced and novice shooters and for any type of hunts whether it is classical, mountain or safari.


Purpose: Hunting

Охотничий карабин ORSIS 140 предназначен для различных видов охот. Винтовка с ручным типом перезаряжания изготовлена на базе многозарядной затворной группы с двумя боевыми упорами.

По техническим причинам выпуск данного карабина временно приостановлен. Информация будет опубликована позже.


Purpose: Hunting

Охотничий карабин ORSIS 220 предназначен для различных видов охот. Винтовка с ручным типом перезаряжания изготовлена на базе многозарядной затворной группы с двумя боевыми упорами.

Orsis SE Hunter M

Purpose: Hunting
The ORSIS Hunter M rifle (hunting rifled carbine) is designed for the different types of hunting. This rifle of hand-reloading type is manufactured on the basis of a repeater bolt action with two front locking lugs. All steel parts boast enhanced stainless properties. ORSIS Hunter M rifle might be produced in right-hand and left-hand versions.

Orsis SE Alpine M

Purpose: Hunting
ORSIS SE Alpine M is designed especially for mountain hunting and shooting over medium and long distances. Being created for the tough conditions, this rifle is manufactured in specialized hunting calibers with flat shooting trajectory. All metal parts of the rifle are made of stainless steel which enhances greatly its reliability and resistance to external hazards. Like nobody else, the hunters are aware of how moist environment or low temperatures can damage mechanisms and affect the quality of fire adversely. Highly durable stainless steel used for ORSIS SE Alpine M eliminates such risks.

Orsis SE Varmint M

Purpose: Sport Hunting

ORSIS Varmint M is designed for sport competitions or special types ofhunting.

Thereis an option to manufacture the ORSIS Varmint M rifle for the left-handed shooters as well.


Purpose: Sport Hunting

Винтовка ORSIS – F17 создана для людей, которым необходимо решать взаимоисключающие задачи. Конструкция этого оружия с помощью одного шестигранного ключа даст вам возможность быстро заменить используемый калибр, причем в полевых условиях. Преимущество мультикалиберной системы заключается в возможности стрелка использовать патроны меньшего калибра для тренировок, а крупный калибр, при необходимости,использовать для стрельбы на дальние дистанции и поражения более крупных целей.


Purpose: Sport Hunting
Semi-automatic carbine ORSIS-K15 "Bro" chambered in 7,62х51 (.308Win). It is designed for sport competitions or hunting.

Marocchi First-E

Purpose: Hunting
The Marocchi First shotgun is specified for service under tough climatic conditions. This model suits perfectly for the beginners and seasoned hunters alike who prefer over/under design.

Marocchi First-E Deluxe

Purpose: Hunting

The Marocchi First Deluxe rifle exemplifies renowned Italian quality and technical properties excellent for the models First brought condition. Any hunt will turn into a pleasant adventure due to this famous Italian over/under simple mechanism and its lightweight feature. The stock and the fore-end of the model are made of high-quality oil-finished walnut. The rifle looks especially elegant with its golden-effect engraving cut on the nickel-plated receiver surface.

Marocchi Si-12 / Walnut

Purpose: Hunting
The Marocchi Si12 semi-auto shotgun with an inertia operating reload system was created for all kinds of hunting, especially for those where lighter guns are preferred. The advantages of the model are proved by simplicity and ease of maintenance along with its extreme reliability. Its weight of about 3 kg ensures quick aiming, fast and crisp sight alignment. All its parts are manufactured in Italy while final assembly is carried out at the ORSIS factory. The combination of magnificent St. Etienne barrel-grade steel with high-precision bore drilling technology plus additional chromium inner lining enables ORSIS to produce barrels sporting minimum weight and maximum consumer qualities. The stock and the fore-end of the rifle are made of matte-finished walnut. The Marocchi Si-12 exemplifies a practical and modern design shotgun created in strict compliance with the Italian quality standards.