Пистолет Glock™ 35 Gen. 4

Purpose: Sport

The fourth-generation self-loading GLOCK 35 pistol is completely tuned to the contemporary sporting arms requirements due to its unique design.

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Price of basic kit
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Caliber Twist rate Grooves
Safe Action
695 г. / 24.52 oz
Со снаряж. магазином:
1020 г. / 35.98 oz
207 мм / 8.15 inch
138 мм / 5.43 inch
Емкость магазина:
Стандартный магазин: 15
Опциональный магазин:
30 мм / 1.18 inch
Высота ствола:
32 мм / 1.26 inch
Усилие спуска:
2 кг / 4.5 lbs.
Свободный ход:
12,5 мм / 0.5 inch
Линия прицела:
192 мм / 7.56 inch
Длина ствола:
135 мм / 5.32 inch
Количество нарезов:
6 правосторонних
Шаг нарезов:
250 мм / 9.84 inch


Положения предохранителейИнтегрированные предохранители

The fourth-generationself-loading GLOCK 35 pistol equipped with a “SAFE ACTION" integral safetysystem is completely tuned to the contemporary sporting arms requirements dueto its unique design and sports the following properties:

  • Moderate weight
  • Largemagazine capacity
  • Maximumservice safety
  • Excellentfunctionality

Theautomatic system of GlockTM 17/34/35Gen 4 pistol functionson the base of short-stroke barrel recoil. Its locking assembly utilizes a breech end of barrel that locks into theejection port cut-out in the slide .

The pistolis equipped with an integrated safety system. The Safe Action trigger assemblyeliminates the necessity for additional mechanical safety locks. Unlike traditionalpistols, the trigger in Glock pistols is the only operating element. All three safety mechanisms are automatically disengaged whenthe trigger is pulled and reactivated again when the trigger is released whichprevents the possibility of accidental discharge had the pistol dropped down.

Ergonomicpistol frame is made of extra-durable polymers and reinforced with hardened steel.The frame design offers an option of interchangeable grip plates to meetindividual physical requirements of the shooter.

The pistolis supplied in a branded polymer case.

The pistolis assembled in Russia and is certified as a sporting item to be sold for Russian sport shooting clubs which have been licensed to store arms.


Base Option:

  • Pistol assembled
  • Pistol storage case
  • Ramrod and brush for barrel cleaning
  • Detachable magazine
  • Ergonomic grip plates – 2 pieces
  • Service manual
  • Warranty certificate

Extra Options and accessories:

  • Sport holster
  • GLOCK Safety 2 Holster 51x8-60 (right- or left-handed)