Marocchi Si-12 / Polymer

Purpose: Hunting

The Marocchi Si12 semi-auto shotgun with an inertia operating reload system allows making effective shots on long and extremely long distances. They are fullymanufactured by the high-precision bore drilling method having 100% controlover the barrel walls thickness. Thus, their barrels are considered to be theones of the best on the contemporary market. The magnificent barrel-grade steelutilization combined with the exceptionally high-precision bore drillingtechnology including additional chrome-plating ensures manufacturing of minimalweight and maximum consumer qualities barrels. The stock and the fore-end ofthe shotgun are polymer-made and having matte-finished surfaces. The materialcomposition includes nylon and fiberglass to enhance shock-resistanceproperties of the model, as well as elastomeric material to reduce the recoilenergy greatly.

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Caliber 12/76
Operating system
Barrel, mm
710 and 760
Interchangeable, 5 pieces included with the shotgun package
Barrel bore plating
Magazine capacity
Total weight, kg



The Marocchi Si12 may be classified as a new generation of inertia-operatedsemi-auto shotguns. It is designed for all types of hunting especially for thosewhere lightweight crisp-shooting and easy maintenance shotguns are preferred.The total weight of this shotgun equipped with 710 mm-length barrel equals 3 kgonly. Nowadays Si12 model boasts as one of the lightest semi-auto shotguns.

Thereloading system is of a new generation inertial type sporting lightweightsteel action assembly and a receiver of enhanced durability light alloy with awear-proof coating.

The barrel-gradeSt. Etienne steel flexibility indexes combined with extremely precise boredrilling technology provide ballistic advantages for the barrels having minimumdiameter 18.2-18.3 mm and their weight reduction.


The Si12 shotgun was designed with regard to quite frequent taking it off,its internal parts cleaning in given temperature and under other huntingconditions by a user rather than a professional gunsmith.

Its production involves the mostadvanced fully computerized technological processes and meets the highestquality standards in the industry.

This is partly explained by the fact that “CD Europe" company as it isproducing arms under Marocchi brand makes not only hunting hardware but also thecomponents and parts for the leaders of Italian and European automotiveindustries - the most accurate and precise engine and chassis details.Nonetheless, Marocchi remains an arms company keeping its traditions andheredity of generations. All shotgun particulars are painstakingly given tothought off and not only the expertise of this same manufacture's generationsof gunsmiths has been imbibed but the best contemporary weapons worldindustry's specimens have been taken into account.

Si12 Stripping off

In order to implement the partial disassembly of Si12, it is required to cock the trigger mechanism, to unscrew the nut on the magazine tube, to disengage the fore-end and to take off the barrel. Than cock the trigger mechanism, pull the action handle out and extract the action assembly out of the receiver.

Action assembly dismantling procedure

Затвор Si12

Remove the striker fixing pin by a punch through the operational opening in the action body from the opposite side. Extract the striker and its spring.

Following the extraction of the striker, it is easy to take the breech lock out of the action body, than to disengage the breech slide freely and behind it there is a powerful spring to operate this system's automatics. This very spring being installed between the shotgun and action's body is compressed under the recoil forces impact and seemingly represents the “heart' of the weapon. The action weight in this model equals 440 g and, in compliance with physical laws, it tends to keep its position in space. As the inertia forces are fading, the spring comes out, turns the breech slide and throws the action back to start a reloading cycle. The heavy action and the spring simultaneously are effective absorbers of the recoil energy felt by a shooter.

As the manufacturers are claiming, this recoil energy felt by a shooter is 30% less compared to other shotguns of the same weight which may refer to this model's automatics operation and the composite polymer stock.


To maintain the trigger assembly it is required to remove the trigger action base retaining pin by the punch driving it from the left to the right which is more convenient. Take the base off. Re-assembly it in reverse order.

The action assembly is reinstalled back while the trigger assembly is cocked. Following the action assembly installation it is required to check its unimpeded travel in the receiver, to reinstall the action handle back until the fixation is felt. Mount the barrel and the fore-end making sure that it has a close fit to the receiver. If a visible gap is noticed, push the fore-end to the barrel than towards the receiver.

The trigger assembly of this model has the coiled springs only which service life is much more than the leaf ones. All details besides the springs are made of corrosion-resistant materials.

  • Full package shotgun total weight (760 mm barrel + extender + Marocchi Maxi 90 choke) - 3270 g
  • Overall length - 1400 mm
  • Trigger pull - 3100 g
  • Trigger travel - 3 mm


Apart of the aforementioned virtues, SI12 model is equipped with a barrel of the highest quality which is manufactured by a high-precision (up to a few decimal places) deep drilling method. It allows avoiding harmful stresses in the metal which are unavoidable while barrels forging. The barrels and choke tubes are made of chrome-molybdenum Steel St. Etienne 42CrMo4. It equals 40HFA steel grade in Russia (structural alloy steel) which is used to produce splinted shafts, rods and plungers, set screws, cross-members, excavators shafts and the other details operated under the temperature rise conditions up to 400°C; and after hardening and low tempering - worm shafts and the other increased wear-resistance details.

The initial steel blank weights 7 kg as the finished processed barrel weights 1 kg.

The latest developments of the trade are implemented to design the barrel and the choke tubes.

The experts consider these barrels exactly as having the exclusive qualities to form an even shotgun pellets pattern and to obtain the equal energy rates for the central and periphery pellets.