Orsis SE Hunter M

Purpose: Hunting
The ORSIS Hunter M rifle (hunting rifled carbine) is designed for the different types of hunting. This rifle of hand-reloading type is manufactured on the basis of a repeater bolt action with two front locking lugs. All steel parts boast enhanced stainless properties. ORSIS Hunter M rifle might be produced in right-hand and left-hand versions.
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Price of basic kit
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Caliber Twist rate Grooves Barrel length
.223 Remington
10 (8)
4 (5R)
.243 Winchester
4 (5R)
.30-06 Springfield
4 (5R)
.308 Winchester
4 (5R)
20 (22)
9,3X62 Mauser
20 (22)


The metal parts of the rifle are manufactured of enhanced properties stainless quality steel. The model is equipped with an ORSIS barrel made of stainless weapon-grade steel and produced by single-point cut-rifling technology. Barrel contour is of Hunter type, muzzle face diameter – 16.5 mm, barrel length starts from 22ʺ (558 mm).

The rifle is equipped with an ORSIS Model 001 muzzle brake/compensator.

Cerakote coating of Titanium color is applied on the metal parts of the rifle in its basic package.

The iron sights are mounted on this rifle.

There is an additional option offered to manufacture a fluted barrel rigidity-wise and for cooling time reduction instead of the iron sights.

The regular issue of the rifle includes glass bedding1 and pillar bedding2 design.

The stock is made of walnut and weapons-grade laminate. The colors offered are Pepper, Royal Jacanda, Nutmeg.

Stock patterns for the ORSIS Hunter rifle:

  • A1 (cheek piece adjustment option)
  • B1 (cheek piece adjustment option)
  • M3 (cheek piece adjustment option)

All stocks are fitted with lower swivels to mount a sling.

The rifle is equipped with an originally designed adjustable trigger assembly made in the company’s own design bureau. The assembly mechanism is reliably protected from harmful external influence.

Trigger assembly modifications for this model:

Regular pull – 750 g +/- 150 g

Rifle weight starts from 3.37 kg (less muzzle brake/compensator, stock adjustment devices and Picatinny rail. Exact weight depends on a caliber and stock material).

The rifle is supplied in a branded packaging.

¹ Glass bedding – is the process of forming “bed” for the action assembly out of an epoxy-based material mixed with filler (aluminum or steel). Glass bedding creates a large size fit between the bolt action and the stock which eventually decreases specific pressure on the stock; thus to eliminate micro displacements of the bolt action relative to the stock when shooting; eliminate deformation when tightening screws; provide no response to changing weather conditions. All these particulars are quite important factors for improving the rifle accuracy.

² Pillar bedding – means inserting bushings (large-sized ones for reducing specific pressure on the stock) in the places of bolt action assembly screws fitting to the stock.


Модификации спускового механизма:

  • Стандарт - позволяет настроить свободный ход и усилие от 750-850 г.


Base option

  • Rifle assembled
  • Detachable metal magazine on 3 standard cartridges
  • Bolt action assembly sheath
  • Passport of the item
  • Warranty certificate
  • Proof firing protocol
  • Model 001; 003 muzzle brake/compensator
  • Titanium-colored Cerakote coating

Extra options

  • Overall barrel length increase up to 22ʺ and 24ʺ
  • Lightweight action assembly provision
  • Cutting of 5R and 6 grooves
  • Twist rate change within the recommended limits
  • Cutting of flutes
  • Cerakote coating colors: Black Graphite; Sniper Grey; Desert Sand; Green
  • Picatinny (base) rail
  • Stock (cheek piece) adjustment device for M3 only
  • Monogrammed gift locket