Orsis F-Class

Purpose: Sport
ORSIS F-Class rifle is designed for F-class sport competitions (high-accuracy long range shooting). This rifle is not listed as serial production, is graded Custom-level and manufactured by order only.
By request
Price of basic kit
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Caliber Twist rate Grooves
.300 Winchester Magnum
10 (9,5 ; 11)
.308 Winchester
11 (10)
6,5X55 Swedish
8 (9)
.338 Lapua Magnum
10,75 (9,5)


The rifle is built on a base of a single shot bolt action with two front lugs and equipped with a heavy free-floating ORSIS single-pass cut-rifling stainless steel barrel. Original trigger mechanism developed in the company’s own design bureau, isolated from harmful external influence by its construction, is installed on the rifle.

Trigger assembly modifications:

Sport – allows tuning the trigger pull from 120 to 250 g

Varmint – allows tuning the trigger pull from 500 to 900 g

The barrel contour is F-class, its overall length - 30ʺ (762 mm), muzzle face diameter – 25 mm. The regular issue of the rifle includes glass bedding1 and pillar bedding2 design.

Total weight of the rifle starts from 6 kg. The rifle is supplied in a branded polymer case.

¹ Glass beddingis the process of forming “bed” for the actionassembly out of an epoxy-based material mixed with filler (aluminum orsteel). Glass bedding creates a large size fitbetween the bolt action and the stock which eventually decreasesspecific pressure on the stock; thus to eliminate micro displacements of thebolt action relative to the stock when shooting; eliminate deformation whentightening screws; provide no response to changing weather conditions. Allthese particulars are quite important factors for improving the rifle accuracy.

² Pillar bedding – means inserting bushings (large-sized ones forreducing specific pressure on the stock) in the places of bolt action assemblyscrews fitting to the stock.


Base Option

  • Rifle assembled
  • Bolt action assembly sheath
  • Passport of the item
  • Warranty certificate

Extra Option

  • Spare replaceable barrel
  • Cutting of 5R, 6 grooves
  • Twist rate change within the recommended limits
  • Metal parts polishing
  • Cerakote coating colors: Black Graphite; Sniper Grey; Desert Sand; Green
  • stock finishing by glossy varnish