Orsis SE Alpine M

Purpose: Hunting
ORSIS SE Alpine M is designed especially for mountain hunting and shooting over medium and long distances. Being created for the tough conditions, this rifle is manufactured in specialized hunting calibers with flat shooting trajectory. All metal parts of the rifle are made of stainless steel which enhances greatly its reliability and resistance to external hazards. Like nobody else, the hunters are aware of how moist environment or low temperatures can damage mechanisms and affect the quality of fire adversely. Highly durable stainless steel used for ORSIS SE Alpine M eliminates such risks.
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Caliber Twist rate Grooves Barrel length
6.5x55 SE
4 (5R)
.300 Win. Mag.
6 (5R)
.338 Lapua Mag.
6 (5R)


ORSIS SE Alpine 65x47 Lapua

The rifle is designed on the base of a lightweight repeating action assembly with two front locking lugs.

The hand-reloaded rifle is manufactured considering extreme conditions of mountain hunting in specified hunting calibers with flat shooting trajectory. All metal parts of the rifle are made of improved properties stainless steel and covered with corrosion-proof black Cerakote coating – Black Grafite. The detachable metal magazine capacity is 3 standard cartridges.


The model is equipped with an ORSIS free-floating barrel made of stainless steel and produced by single-point cut-rifling technology. Barrel contour is of Alpine type, muzzle face diameter – 18 mm, barrel length – 609.6 mm (24ʺ).

The rifle is equipped with a Model 003 ORSIS muzzle brake/compensator. The barrel is fluted rigidity-wise and for cooling time reduction.

The stock is provided with a cheek piece adjustment device. The regular issue of the rifle includes glass bedding¹ design.

Stock adjustment Stock without adjustment

Stock patterns for the ORSIS Alpine rifle:

  • A1 (cheek piece adjustment)
  • B1 (cheek piece adjustment)
  • M3 (cheek piece adjustment)

Stock patterns for the ORSIS Alpine rifles

All stocks are fitted with lower swivels to mount a sling and a bipod. Thereis an option to manufacture its left-handed version as well.

Trigger assembly

The rifle is equipped with an originally designed adjustable trigger assembly made in the company's owndesign bureau. The assembly mechanism is reliably protected from harmfulexternal influence.

  • Regular pull – 750 g +/- 150 g

There is a Picatinny rail (bases) installed on the rifle to mount a scope. Therifle is adapted to fit the Apel quick-release brackets.

The rifle is supplied in a branded packaging.


Base option

  • Rifle assembled
  • Detachable metal magazine on 3 standard cartridges
  • Picatinny rail
  • Bolt action assembly sheath
  • Passport of the item
  • Warranty certificate
  • Proof firing protocol
  • Model 003 muzzle brake/compensator
  • Cerakote coating in the following colors: Black Graphite; Sniper Grey; Desert Sand; Green

Extra options

  • Overall barrel length increase on 50.8 mm (2ʺ)
  • Cutting of 6 grooves
  • Twist rate change within the recommended limits
  • Model 001 ORSIS muzzle brake/compensator
  • Cerakote coating colors: Black Graphite; Sniper Grey; Desert Sand; Green